Commercial Door & Hardware was founded in Calvert City, KY in the early 1980s by James Conn. 

What started out as a one-man operation, quickly grew in not only man-power, but reputation. By 1989, CDH had moved into what was originally a 1933 shirt factory.

After completing a full renovation, CDH had the facility to go with the reputation. With three floors and a total of 82,000 square feet, it was exactly what CDH needed for the thriving business it had become.

Today, CDH continues to strive for excellence by maintaining high standards of customer satisfaction, timely delivery, and maintaining the stringent qualifications to ensure all products supplied meet fire and building codes across the nation.

As our portfolio shows, we can do it all. From world-recognized hotels and government facilities to the modest retail or restaurant building, we know this industry inside and out.